CategoryItemNameMore detailsUnitPrice (excl.VAT)Kg/UnitQuantity
Tackle block KT doubleKT201D1ETACKLE BLOCK DBL KT1D-1ECG 1,0T (See more details) Pcs17.350,013,10
Tackle block KT doubleKT201DNECGTACKLE BLOCK DBL KT1D-NECG 1,0T WITH NYLONSHEAVEPcs15.020,961,90
Tackle block KT doubleKT202D1ETACKLE BLOCK DBL KT2D-1ECG 2,0T (See more details) Pcs33.200,165,20
Tackle block KT doubleKT202DNECGTACKLE BLOCK DBL KT2D-NECG 2,0T WITH NYLONSHEAVEPcs24.160,343,30
Tackle block KT doubleKT203D1ETACKLE BLOCK DBL KT3D-1ECG 3,0T (See more details) Pcs74.122,4511,10
Tackle block KT doubleKT204D1ETACKLE BLOCK DBL KT4D-1ECG 4,0T (See more details) Pcs97.744,3019,00
Tackle block KT single SSKT1011ESSTACKLE BLOCK KT1-1ESS 1,0T STAINLESS STEEL (See more details) Pcs36.816,331,70
Tackle block KT single SSKT1021ESSTACKLE BLOCK KT2-1ESS 2,0T STAINLESS STEEL (See more details) Pcs49.792,653,20
Tackle block KT double SSKT201D1ESSTACKLE BLOCK DBL KT1D-1ESS 1,0T STAINLESS STEEL (See more details) Pcs56.143,672,80
Tackle block KT double SSKT202D1ESSTACKLE BLOCK DBL KT2D-1ESS 2,0T STAINLESS STEEL (See more details) Pcs76.734,695,20
Tackle block KT 110-215KT31101ETACKLE BLOCK KT110-1ECG 3,0T (See more details) Pcs56.029,399,90
Tackle block KT 110-215KT31501ETACKLE BLOCK KT150-1ECG 5,0T (See more details) Pcs71.144,4917,00
Tackle block KT 110-215KT32151ETACKLE BLOCK KT215-1ECG 8,0T (See more details) Pcs134.808,1636,00
Block KTE single nylon sheaveKTE15BLOCK 15MM NYLONSHEAVE (See more details) Pcs184,890,02
Block KTE single nylon sheaveKTE20BLOCK 20MM NYLONSHEAVE (See more details) Pcs206,220,04
Block KTE single nylon sheaveKTE25BLOCK 25MM NYLONSHEAVE (See more details) Pcs305,780,06
Block KTE single nylon sheaveKTE30BLOCK 30MM NYLONSHEAVE (See more details) Pcs323,560,08
Block KTE single nylon sheaveKTE40BLOCK 40MM NYLONSHEAVE (See more details) Pcs419,560,13
Block KTE single nylon sheaveKTE50BLOCK 50MM NYLONSHEAVE (See more details) Pcs945,780,20
Block KTE single nylon sheaveKTE65BLOCK 65MM NYLONSHEAVE (See more details) Pcs1.379,560,36
Block KTF double nylon sheaveKTF20BLOCK 20MM DOUBLE NYLONSHEAVEPcs327,110,00
Block KTF double nylon sheaveKTF25BLOCK 25MM DOUBLE NYLONSHEAVE (See more details) Pcs352,000,09
Block KTF double nylon sheaveKTF30BLOCK 30MM DOUBLE NYLONSHEAVE (See more details) Pcs654,220,13
Block KTF double nylon sheaveKTF40BLOCK 40MM DOUBLE NYLONSHEAVE (See more details) Pcs817,780,27
Block KTF double nylon sheaveKTF50BLOCK 50MM DOUBLE NYLONSHEAVE (See more details) Pcs1.109,330,41
Tackle block KT singleKT1011ETACKLE BLOCK KT1-0ECG 1,0T (See more details) Pcs26.971,431,70
Tackle block KT singleKT1021ETACKLE BLOCK KT2-0ECG 2,0T (See more details) Pcs25.636,633,10
Tackle block KT singleKT102NECGTACKLE BLOCK KT2-NECG 2,0T WITH NYLONSHEAVEPcs14.752,422,10
Tackle block KT singleKT1031ETACKLE BLOCK KT3-1ECG-CE 3,0TPcs49.283,276,40
Tackle block KT singleKT1041ETACKLE BLOCK KT4-1ECG 4,0T (See more details) Pcs58.337,9611,10
Tackle block KT singleKT1061ETACKLE BLOCK KT6-1ECG 6,0T (See more details) Pcs82.817,9617,00
Tackle block KT singleKT42302ETACKLE BLOCK KT230-2ECG 7,0T (See more details) Pcs138.318,3729,00
Tackle block KT singleKT43002ETACKLE BLOCK KT300-2ECG 10,0T (See more details) Pcs205.697,9655,00
Tackle block KT singleKT43002HTACKLE BLOCK KT300-2ECGH 10,0T HARDENED SHEAVEPcs152.664,4055,00
Tackle block KT singleKT44002ETACKLE BLOCK KT400-2ECG 15,0T (See more details) Pcs297.553,71108,00
Tackle block KT singleKT44002EHTACKLE BLOCK KT400-2EGH 15,0T HARDENED SHEAVEPcs283.346,87108,00
Tackle block KT singleKT45002ETACKLE BLOCK KT500-2ECG 20,0T (See more details) Pcs385.613,05154,00
Tackle block KT singleKTV3202ECTACKLE BLOCK KTV320-2EBCG 6,5TPcs157.981,4029,00
Snatch block KS 10-30KS210ESNATCH BLOCK KS10-ECG 1,0T (See more details) Pcs32.205,714,70
Snatch block KS 10-30KS220ESNATCH BLOCK KS20-ECG 1,5T (See more details) Pcs35.918,375,40
Snatch block KS 10-30KS220EKSNATCH BLOCK KS20-ECG 1,5T WITH HOOKPcs38.817,965,40
Snatch block KS 10-30KS230ESNATCH BLOCK KS30-ECG 2,0T (See more details) Pcs27.154,838,50
Snatch block KS 40-60KS240ESNATCH BLOCK KS40-ECG 3,5T (See more details) Pcs36.586,327,50
Snatch block KS 40-60KS250ESNATCH BLOCK KS50-ECG 4,6T (See more details) Pcs55.311,7615,20
Snatch block KS 40-60KS260ESNATCH BLOCK KS60-ECG 6,0T (See more details) Pcs89.498,3024,00
Snatch block KS 110-215KS31101ESNATCH BLOCK KS110-1ECG 3,0T (See more details) Pcs68.858,781,10
Snatch block KS 110-215KS31501ESNATCH BLOCK KS150-1ECG 5,0T (See more details) Pcs95.634,2919,20
Snatch block KS 110-215KS32151ESNATCH BLOCK KS215-1ECG 8,0T (See more details) Pcs,0039,50
Snatch block KSWKSW10SWING BLOCK KSW1-1G - 1,0TPcs7.614,621,50
Snatch block KSWKSW1NGSWING BLOCK KSW1-NG 1,0T W/NYLONSHEAVE (See more details) Pcs5.249,731,00
Snatch block KSWKSW20SWING BLOCK KSW2-1G 2,0TPcs11.144,882,90
Snatch block KSKS1021ESNATCH BLOCK KS2-1ECG 2,0T (See more details) Pcs37.952,653,70
Snatch block KSKS1031ESNATCH BLOCK KS-1ECG 3,0T (See more details) Pcs60.463,677,50
Snatch block KSKS1041ESNATCH BLOCK KS4-1ECG 4T (See more details) Pcs58.678,2813,50
Snatch block KSKS1061ESNATCH BLOCK KS6-1ECG 6,0T (See more details) Pcs96.088,1619,40
Snatch block KSKS42302ESNATCH BLOCK KS230-2EC 7,0TPcs151.634,2931,00
Snatch block KSKS43002ESNATCH BLOCK KS300-2EC 10,0TPcs161.600,0051,00
Snatch block KSKS44002ESNATCH BLOCK KS400-2EH 15,0TPcs327.012,05106,00