CategoryItemNameMore detailsUnitPrice (excl.VAT)Kg/UnitQuantity
Wire thimble G7G745K-HDWirethimble G745K-HD for 38mm with thick gussetPcs,000,00
Wire thimble G7G755K-HDWirethimble G755K-HD for 48mm with thick gussetPcs21.985,850,00
Wire thimble G7G712KWirethimble G712K for 10mm (See more details) Pcs1.319,110,36
Wire thimble G7G715KWirethimble G715K for 12mm (See more details) Pcs1.496,890,52
Wire thimble G7G717KWirethimble G717K for 15mm (See more details) Pcs1.097,720,55
Wire thimble G7G719KWirethimble G719K for 16mm (See more details) Pcs2.119,110,65
Wire thimble G7G722KWirethimble G722K for 18mm (See more details) Pcs2.474,670,90
Wire thimble G7G725KWirethimble G725K for 22mm (See more details) Pcs4.060,441,26
Wire thimble G7G728KWirethimble G728K for 24mm (See more details) Pcs4.455,111,64
Wire thimble G7G730KWirethimble G730K for 26mm (See more details) Pcs4.842,672,02
Wire thimble G7G735Wirethimble G735 open for 32mm (See more details) Pcs3.680,002,60
Wire thimble G7G735KWirethimble G735K 32mm (See more details) Pcs6.023,112,61
Wire thimble G7G739KHWirethimble "Heavy" G939H-K for 32-36mmPcs36.973,065,67
Wire thimble G7G740Wirethimble G740 open for 36mm (See more details) Pcs6.880,003,30
Wire thimble G7G740KWirethimble G740K for 36mm (See more details) Pcs9.059,563,30
Wire thimble G7G745KWirethimble G745K for 38mm (See more details) Pcs10.560,003,71
Wire thimble G7G755KWirethimble G755K for 48mm (See more details) Pcs12.200,684,90
Wire thimble G7G760KWirethimble G760K for 54mmPcs32.127,336,10
Wire thimble G7G760KRWirethimble G760KR for shackle body 25 - 35T (See more details) Pcs66.122,676,90
Wire thimble G7G780KRWirethimble G780KR for shackle body 35 - 65T (See more details) Pcs42.894,940,00
Wire thimble G7G798KRWirethimble G798KR for shackle body 55 - 85T (See more details) Pcs,0021,10
Wire thimble SS G8G808Wirethimble SS G808 open for 6mmPcs694,260,08
Wire thimble SS G8G808KWirethimble SS G808K for 6mm (See more details) Pcs1.334,820,09
Wire thimble SS G8G810Wirethimble SS G810 open for 8mmPcs833,120,12
Wire thimble SS G8G810KWirethimble SS G881K for 8mm (See more details) Pcs1.861,220,13
Wire thimble SS G8G812Wirethimble SS G812 open for 10mmPcs2.909,350,34
Wire thimble SS G8G812KWirethimble SS G812K for 10mm (See more details) Pcs5.231,020,36
Wire thimble SS G8G815KWirethimble SS G815K for 12mm (See more details) Pcs5.998,370,41
Wire thimble SS G8G819KWirethimble SS G819K for 16mm (See more details) Pcs6.631,840,62
Wire thimble SS G8G824Wirethimble SS G824 open for 20mmPcs5.624,841,11
Wire thimble SS G8G824KWirethimble SS G824K for 20mm (See more details) Pcs7.043,491,11
Wire thimble SS G8G827KWirethimble SS G827K for 24mm (See more details) Pcs11.382,861,36
Wire thimble SS G8G831KWirethimble SS G831K for 28mm (See more details) Pcs15.882,451,92
Wire thimble SS G8G839KWirethimble SS G839K for 34mm (See more details) Pcs21.988,571,79
Wire thimble SS G8G848KWirethimble SS G848K for 44mm (See more details) Pcs29.709,202,90
Wire thimble SS G8G860KWirethimble SS G860K for 54mm (See more details) Pcs63.041,665,90
Thimble SSGK03RFRThimble SS 3mm (See more details) Pcs62,040,10
Thimble SSGK04RFRThimble SS 4mm (See more details) Pcs78,370,00
Thimble SSGK05RFRThimble SS 5mm (See more details) Pcs94,690,10
Thimble SSGK06RFRThimble SS 6mm (See more details) Pcs110,030,10
Thimble SSGK07RFRThimble SS 7mm (See more details) Pcs132,300,01
Thimble SSGK08RFRThimble SS 8mm (See more details) Pcs252,820,02
Thimble SSGK10RFRThimble SS 10mm (See more details) Pcs313,070,03
Thimble SSGK12RFRThimble SS 12mm (See more details) Pcs294,730,05
Thimble galvanizedGK04Thimble galv 4mm (See more details) Pcs48,980,01
Thimble galvanizedGK06Thimble galv 6mm (See more details) Pcs74,790,02
Thimble galvanizedGK08Thimble galv 8mm (See more details) Pcs81,630,04
Thimble galvanizedGK10Thimble galv 10mm (See more details) Pcs137,140,06
Thimble galvanizedGK12Thimble galv 12mm (See more details) Pcs146,940,88
Thimble galvanizedGK14Thimble galv 14mm (See more details) Pcs228,570,12
Thimble galvanizedGK16Thimble galv 16mm (See more details) Pcs244,900,18
Thimble galvanizedGK18Thimble galv 18mm (See more details) Pcs277,550,23
Thimble galvanizedGK20Thimble galv 20mm (See more details) Pcs346,120,35
Thimble galvanizedGK22Thimble galv 22mm (See more details) Pcs431,020,42
Thimble galvanizedGK24Thimble galv 24mm (See more details) Pcs682,450,68
Thimble galvanizedGK26Thimble galv 26mm (See more details) Pcs312,000,74
Thimble galvanizedGK28Thimble galv 28mm (See more details) Pcs1.008,001,10
Thimble galvanizedGK32Thimble galv 32mmPcs1.550,401,50
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5038Wirerope clip galv 34mm - 1,1/2'' (See more details) Pcs285,560,00
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5003Wirerope clip galv 3mm - 1/8'' (See more details) Pcs32,650,01
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5005Wirerope clip galv 5mm - 3/16'' (See more details) Pcs31,440,01
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5006Wirerope clip galv 6mm - 1/4'' (See more details) Pcs35,370,01
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5008Wirerope clip galv 8mm - 5/16'' (See more details) Pcs58,780,03
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5010Wirerope clip galv 10mm - 3/8'' (See more details) Pcs91,430,07
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5011Wirerope clip galv 11mm - 7/16''Pcs127,350,07
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5013Wirerope clip galv 13mm - 1/2'' (See more details) Pcs135,530,11
Wire rope clip galvanizedH50131Wirerope clip galv 13mm - 1/2''
50 pcs
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5016Wirerope clip galv 16mm - 5/8'' (See more details) Pcs264,490,18
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5019Wirerope clip galv 19mm - 3/4'' (See more details) Pcs218,760,23
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5022Wirerope clip galv 22mm - 7/8' (See more details) Pcs453,880,28
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5025Wirerope clip galv 25mm - 1'' (See more details) Pcs538,780,39
Wire rope clip galvanizedH50250Wirerope clip hot dip galv 25mm - 1''Pcs1.385,910,39
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5028Wirerope clip galv 30mm - 1,1/8'' (See more details) Pcs653,060,62
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5032Wirerope clip galv 32mm - 1,1/4'' (See more details) Pcs462,410,82
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5034Wirerope clip galv 34mm - 1,1/2''Pcs243,650,90
Wire rope clip galvanizedH5040Wirerope clip galv 34mm - 1,1/2'' (See more details) Pcs430,970,90
Wire rope clip galvanizedH6008Wirerope clip galv G429 "Fist Grip" 8mm 5/16''Pcs2.640,820,13
Wire rope clip galvanizedH72830Wirerope clip galv G450 red U bolt 28-30mm 1-1/8''Pcs4.346,351,28
Wire rope clip SSH5S02Wirerope clip SS 2mm (See more details) Pcs161,120,01
Wire rope clip SSH5S03Wirerope clip SS 3mm (See more details) Pcs174,220,01
Wire rope clip SSH5S04Wirerope clip SS 4mm (See more details) Pcs238,370,00
Wire rope clip SSH5S05Wirerope clip SS 5mm (See more details) Pcs271,020,02
Wire rope clip SSH5S06Wirerope clip SS 6mm (See more details) Pcs340,580,02
Wire rope clip SSH5S08Wirerope clip SS 8mm (See more details) Pcs506,940,04
Wire rope clip SSH5S10Wirerope clip SS 10mm (See more details) Pcs545,310,07
Wire rope clip SSH5S13Wirerope clip SS 13mm (See more details) Pcs783,670,13
Alu ferruleTZ07Alu ferrule Z 7mmPcs83,840,00
Alu ferruleTZ01Alu ferrule Z 1mmPcs5,240,00
Alu ferruleTZ015Alu ferrule Z 1,5mmPcs5,350,00
Alu ferruleTZ02Alu ferrule Z 2mmPcs7,860,00
Alu ferruleTZ03Alu ferrule Z 3mm (See more details) Pcs10,480,00
Alu ferruleTZ04Alu ferrule Z 4mm (See more details) Pcs14,410,00
Alu ferruleTZ05Alu ferrule Z 5mmPcs22,860,00
Alu ferruleTZ06Alu ferrule Z 6mm (See more details) Pcs17,030,01
Alu ferruleTZ08Alu ferrule Z 8mm (See more details) Pcs41,920,01
Alu ferruleTZ10Alu ferrule Z 10mm (See more details) Pcs117,550,03
Alu ferruleTZ12Alu ferrule Z 12mm (See more details) Pcs173,060,05
Alu ferruleTZ14Alu ferrule Z 14mm (See more details) Pcs303,670,07
Alu ferruleTZ16Alu ferrule Z 16mm (See more details) Pcs473,470,11
Alu ferruleTZ18Alu ferrule Z 18mm (See more details) Pcs302,590,16