CategoryItemNameMore detailsUnitPrice (excl.VAT)Kg/UnitQuantity
Cable stockingHWS50115WIRESOCK F/22-32MMPcs,001,00
Cable stockingHWS50122WIRESOCK F/22-32MM (See more details) Pcs13.648,980,25
Cable stockingHWS50126Vírsmokkur fyrir vírenda 26-38mm (See more details) Pcs11.974,060,00
Cable stockingHWS50132WIRESOCK F/32-45MM (See more details) Pcs15.474,290,25
Cable stockingHWS50215WIRESOCK DOUBLE F/15-24MM (See more details) Pcs,000,00
Cable stockingHWS50216WIRESOCK DOUBLE F/15-24MM WITH SWIVEL (See more details) Pcs,002,00
Cable stockingHWS50217WIRESOCK DOUBLE F/22-32MMPcs,000,00
Cable stockingHWS600CABLE EYE 6TN (See more details) Pcs14.787,791,00
Cable stockingHWS610PLUG FOR SOUND CABLE 11MMPcs12.496,730,06
Cable stockingHWS612Frog clamp for 3-8mm wirePcs19.128,160,85
Cable stockingHWS613Frog clamp for 5-10mm wirePcs22.213,881,10
Cable stockingHWS615Frog clamp for 12-26mm wirePcs64.117,553,70
Cable stockingHWS616Frog clamp for 20-38mm wirePcs,004,10
Wire sockHWG0103OPEN WEDGE SOCKET WITH COTTER PIN FOR 11-13MM WIRE (See more details) Pcs17.645,712,40
Wire sockHWG0104OPEN WEDGE SOCKET WITH COTTER PIN FOR 14-16MM WIRE (See more details) Pcs22.272,654,00
Wire sockHWG0105OPEN WEDGE SOCKET WITH COTTER PIN FOR 18-19MM WIRE (See more details) Pcs22.717,517,00
Wire sockHWG043235Closed Spelter socket G-417 for 32-35 mm wirePcs54.779,818,95
Wire sockHWG044042Closed Spelter socket G417 for 40-42 mm wirePcs55.921,0515,00
Wire sockHWG05010Wirelock resin for closed Spelter sockets 100ccPcs,000,27
Wire sockHWG05025Wirelock resin for closed Spelter sockets 250ccPcs,000,57
Wire sockHWG05050Wirelock resin for closed Spelter sockets 500ccPcs10.861,981,15
Wire sockHWG062800Wedge socket S-421T 1-1/8 for 28 mm wirePcs112.156,1420,50
Wire sockHWG062801Wedge for socket S-421T 1-1/8 for 28 mm wirePcs26.029,603,50
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4102100STEEL WIRE 2MM 6x19+FC - 110M (See more details) Mtr35,200,01
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4102150STEEL WIRE 2MM 6x7+FC - 250MPcs27,200,02
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4103100STEEL WIRE 3MM 6x19+FC - 110M (See more details) Mtr46,400,03
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4103150STEEL WIRE 3MM 6x7+FC - 250MMtr54,400,00
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4103160STEEL WIRE 6x7+FC 3MM PVC COATEDPcs59,200,00
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4104100STEEL WIRE 4MM 6x19+FC - 110M (See more details) Mtr73,600,04
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4105100STEEL WIRE 5MM 6x19+FC - 110M (See more details) Mtr96,000,06
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4106100STEEL WIRE 6MM 6x19S+FC
(See more details) Mtr161,600,13
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4106150STEEL WIRE 6MM 6x19S+FC
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4108100STEEL WIRE 8MM 6x19S+FC (See more details) Mtr160,000,22
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4108200STEEL WIRE 8MM 6x19S+FCMtr213,330,22
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4110100STEEL WIRE 10MM 6x19S+FC (See more details) Mtr305,780,35
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4110200STEEL WIRE 10MM 6x19S+FCMtr331,200,35
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4112100STEEL WIRE 12MM 6x19S+FC (See more details) Mtr366,400,52
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4112200STEEL WIRE 12MM 6x19S+FCMtr714,670,52
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4114100STEEL WIRE 14MM 6x19S+FC (See more details) Mtr470,400,70
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4114200STEEL WIRE 14MM 6x19S+FCMtr675,560,70
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4116100STEEL WIRE 16MM 6x19S+FC (See more details) Mtr746,670,92
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4116111STEEL WIRE 16MM 6x19S+FC 1100MMtr874,670,92
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4116200STEEL WIRE 16MM 6x19S+FCMtr766,400,89
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4118100STEEL WIRE 18MM 6x19S+FC (See more details) Mtr651,201,16
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4118110STEEL WIRE 18MM 6x19S+FC 1000MMtr1.098,671,16
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4118111STEEL WIRE 18MM 6x19S+FC 1100MMtr665,601,16
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4118200STEEL WIRE 18MM 6x19+FCMtr779,201,10
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4120100STEEL WIRE 20MM 6x19S+FC (See more details) Mtr906,671,44
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4120200STEEL WIRE 20MM 6x19+FCMtr906,671,33
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4122100STEEL WIRE 22MM 6x19S+FC (See more details) Mtr942,221,74
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4122110STEEL WIRE 22MM 6x19S+FC 1000M (See more details) Mtr,001,74
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4122200STEEL WIRE 22MM 6x19+FCMtr1.020,801,74
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4124100STEEL WIRE 24MM 6x19S+FC (See more details) Mtr1.845,332,07
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4124200STEEL WIRE 24MM 6x19S+FCMtr1.323,202,07
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4126100STEEL WIRE 26MM 6x19S+FC (See more details) Mtr1.706,672,43
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4126110STEEL WIRE 26MM 6x19S+FC 1000M (See more details) Mtr1.706,672,43
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4126200STEEL WIRE 26MM 6x19S+FCMtr1.572,802,43
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4128100STEEL WIRE 28MM 6x19S+FC (See more details) Mtr2.275,562,81
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4128110STEEL WIRE 28MM 6x19S+FC 1000M (See more details) Mtr2.275,562,81
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4128200STEEL WIRE 28MM 6x19S+FCMtr1.580,802,81
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4130100STEEL WIRE 30MM 6x19S+FC (See more details) Mtr1.491,203,23
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4130200STEEL WIRE 30MM 6x19S+FCMtr2.382,223,12
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4132100STEEL WIRE 32MM 6x19S+FC (See more details) Mtr1.680,003,68
Steel wire 6x19+FCV4132200STEEL WIRE 32MM 6x19S+FCMtr1.739,203,54
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4202100STEEL WIRE 2MM 7x19 - 220M (See more details) Mtr,000,03
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4202140STEEL WIRE 2MM 7x19 - 1400M (See more details) Mtr,000,03
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV420305STEEL WIRE 3MM 7x19 - 50M (See more details) Coil5.575,111,71
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4203050STEEL WIRE 3MM 7x19 - 50M (See more details) Mtr98,180,00
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV420310STEEL WIRE 3MM 7x19 GALV 100M (See more details) Coil11.150,223,42
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4203100STEEL WIRE 3MM 7x19 - 220M (See more details) Mtr110,220,04
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4203106STEEL WIRE 3MM 7x19 - 650M (See more details) Mtr110,220,04
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4203110STEEL WIRE 3MM 7x19 - 1000M (See more details) Mtr,000,04
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV420405STEEL WIRE 4MM 7x19 - 50M (See more details) Coil8.817,783,05
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4204050STEEL WIRE 4MM 7x19 - 50M (See more details) Mtr152,730,00
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV420410STEEL WIRE 4MM 7x19 - 100M (See more details) Coil17.301,336,09
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4204100STEEL WIRE 4MM 7x19 - 220M (See more details) Mtr163,560,07
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4204103STEEL WIRE 4MM 7x19 - 370M (See more details) Mtr163,560,07
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4204110STEEL WIRE 4MM 7x19 - 1000M (See more details) Mtr,000,07
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV420505STEEL WIRE 5MM 7x19 - 50M (See more details) Coil9.496,894,76
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4205050STEEL WIRE 5MM 7x19 - 50M (See more details) Mtr,000,00
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV420510STEEL WIRE 5MM 7x19 - 100M (See more details) Coil18.990,229,52
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4205100STEEL WIRE 5MM 7x19 - 100M (See more details) Mtr,000,00
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4205104STEEL WIRE 5MM 7x19 - 240M (See more details) Mtr192,000,10
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4205110STEEL WIRE 5MM 7x19 - 1000M (See more details) Mtr192,000,10
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4206100STEEL WIRE 6MM 6x19S+IWRC - 220M (See more details) Mtr185,600,16
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4206105STEEL WIRE 6MM 6x19S+IWRC -500M (See more details) Mtr,000,16
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4206110STEEL WIRE 6MM 6x19S+IWRC - 1000M (See more details) Mtr216,890,16
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4206200STEEL WIRE 6MM 6x19S+IWRCMtr185,600,15
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4207100STEEL WIRE 7MM 6x19S+IWRCMtr327,110,20
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4207500Steel wire 7mm 6x19S+IWRC - measuredMtr327,440,20
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4208100STEEL WIRE 8MM 6x19S+IWRC - 500M (See more details) Mtr337,780,26
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4208150STEEL WIRE 8MM 6x19F-WSC - 1500MMtr224,000,24
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4208200STEEL WIRE 8MM 6x19S+IWRCMtr224,000,26
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4210100STEEL WIRE 10MM 6x19S+IWRC (See more details) Mtr362,670,38
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4210200STEEL WIRE 10MM 6x19S+IWRCMtr393,600,41
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4212100STEEL WIRE 12MM 6x19S+IWRC (See more details) Mtr426,670,58
Steel wire 6x19+IWRCV4212200STEEL WIRE 12MM 6x19S+IWRCMtr426,670,56