CategoryItemNameMore detailsUnitPrice (excl.VAT)Kg/UnitQuantity
Special DynIce products2861030326DynIce 5 mm Orange - 26 metersPcs5.707,200,42
Special DynIce products28607165DynIce Dux - 14/18mm - DynIce cover - 12,8m
Spliced on both ends into a DOUBLE DynIce eye protection.
Special DynIce products2860626DynIce Dux - 23mm - 5m
20 cm eyes tugspliced on each end.
Special DynIce products2861033DynIce Dux - 32/36mm - DynIce cover - 7,3m
Made from 32mm DynIce Dux overbraided to 36mm with DynIce Spliced eye both ends with SS thimbles
Special DynIce products2860170DynIce 20 mm, Orange - Helecopterline w/ lead.Mtr4.057,600,56
Special DynIce products2860380Emergency lifting rope 20mm DynIce 75
Act´s as a two leg sling
Working lenght is 2,4mtr
One end of the sling withholds two pcs of 0,2mtr tugspliced eyes.
The other end withholds 1 pcs of 0,2mtr Brummelspliced eye.
All eyes are protected with a DynIce eye
Special DynIce products2860130DynIce 12 mm, Orange - Helecopterline w/ lead.
Special DynIce products28623125DynIce Dux tightbraided with core - 23/27/31mm - DynIce cover - 12,5m
Eye spliced in both ends into a DynIce eye protection.